Clematis Tunic

Whoa – I was just looking back through my posts, and realized that I never posted about this pattern!

(c) Interweave Press

The Clematis Tunic is knit bottom-up and is seamless. It features lacy leaves which gradually transition into a mesh rib. The leaves wrap around the sides, climbing up towards the neckline.

(c) Interweave Press

The real treat is that the waist shaping is part of the pattern, meaning the leaves are not broken.

Clever Waist Shaping

This is accomplished by exploiting the nature of knitted lace. Usually each yarn over is paired with a decrease to keep the stitch count consistant. If we eliminate the yarn over, the decrease will, well, decrease the number of stitches. I used this to gracefully shape the waist in a pleasing way.

I absolutely loved working with this yarn. It’s Classic Elite Soft Linen. It’s so crisp and light, yet warm. The stitch definition is perfect for this garment.

(c) Interweave Press

The Clematis Tunic is only available via Interweave’s latest e-mag: LaceKnitsIt was an honor to be included in this collection of beautiful lace patterns. 

At this time LaceKnits is only available on the iPad.

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3 Responses to Clematis Tunic

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  2. Jan honeycutt says:

    How much yardage is this tunic requiring?
    Thanks Heather

    • Heather says:

      Jan, Sorry I never responded! You’ve probably found the link to the rav page, but if not, this pattern requires: 6 (7, 8, 9, 10) balls for sizes: 33 1⁄2 (37 3⁄4, 42, 46 1⁄4, 50 1⁄2)”

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