Design Series

I’ve wanted to do something different with my blog for some time now. However, I found myself constantly too busy with other life things.  Finally I have some free time to dedicate to this space.

My plan? A series of posts that walk through my design process from initial inspiration to finished pattern. I am not sure how long the series will run, as the whole process will be ad-hoc.

Are you interested? Check back weekly for updates; I will post every Monday starting March 22nd.

March 22: Inspiration
March 29: Sketch & Swatch
March 31: Q&A – Submissions
April 2: Q&A – Sizing
April 5: Prototyping
April 6: Q&A – Charts/Copyright
April 12: Testing & Tools
April 19: Publishing
April 21: Free Pattern

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5 Responses to Design Series

  1. Ida says:

    Looking forward to it.

  2. Kimberly says:

    Can’t wait :)

  3. Ivana says:

    That is a great idea! Cannot wait.

  4. Kimberly says:

    I’m ready to see it unfold. :-) Great idea.

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